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Synchronous Project Engineering Consultancy / SPEC has grown wide network of business contacts through decades of participation in various International Projects. To serve the needs of many of those contacts and more so to assist local small and medium enterprises in India having good quality environment friendly authentic products, SPEC assists in exporting such genuine Indian products to China, France / EU, US & other countries.

WOW CHERIE / wow chérie

Authentic Indian products promoted by us for exports, through wow chérie, include -

  • Genuine leather products for ladies - like shoes, bags, purse

  • Indian dresses, especially for ladies

  • Indian handicrafts and eco-friendly items

  • Ayurvedic / natural & herbal care products for external use - like Sovolin Brand of NCP Works, West Bengal, India

  • Authentic Indian spice mixes especially from Bengal

  • Many other products including honey from Sundarban forest of West Bengal, bee venom for medical use and many more.


Our international associates help to market the products through online sale, industrial exhibitions & fairs. We also assist in dealer negotiations, especially in China, France & US, for local marketting & sales.  

Our brand name for this is wow chérie / WOW CHERIE .



Feel free to contact us for further details

The logo and font of WOW CHERIE has been designed by us too !!!

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